Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday - a new week

Well managed to get a few things finished over the weekend! Most of this is for my next store stocking which should be in a week or so.
Firstly have been doing some dyeing. 200g The Knittery superwash merino in purple/blue/green, 200g of woolganics organic merino pink/purple/blue and 150g of superwash merino in green/blue.
I also dip dyed the medium longies, all ready for embellishment. Really looking forward to finishing them! 
Also 2 very cute baby cocoons, saw this yarn and just knew they'd be perfect for the job! One in an emerald colour and one in pink/purple/red blend.
A medium pair of baby bootees. Getting ready for winter so my mind has turned to baby warmers! These are a 6-12 month size and have an i-cord drawstring for a perfect warm snug fit. Very cute too. Lara just had to try to try them on, she just loves shoes, but they are too small for her (luckily or she'd claim everything I make!)
And also a small soaker that I'm going to dip dye and embellish in boy colours/design.

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