Friday, July 31, 2009

Stocking - Saturday August 1st at 8pm AEST

Here is a preview of all the yarns I have going live tomorrow night (Saturday 1st August) on my MiniCuteture store -
There are merino's, bfl, Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury, Cotton, Alpaca and 22 micron merino tops.

This weeks handspun

A couple of handspuns finished this week.

The first one is midnight merino, 100g, approx 12 ply.

And the second one is 165g, 8-10ply merino bamboo in Rose Petal colourway. This is just sooooo divine and soft. I'm really pleased how it has come out.

And another shot of the Rose Petal one because I love it so much!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yarn stocking Saturday 1st August

I'm planning a yarn stocking for Saturday night 1st August.
Here's some of what will be going up - plus a few surprises, a couple more cottons, BWM and tops.

Monday, July 27, 2009

MM Swap July 09

Got these gorgeous things in a swap today.
Apron, bag (which even though La loves bags I might just steal this!), crayon roll, hairband and child size sling in this adorable ladybird material. Also a really cute towel with a cupcake and recipe on it, some chocolate, cupcake things and decorations.
Very spoilt. La is running around with dolly in the sling, telling everyone, Lara has sling!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls notepads and Jewellery

The girls decorated the front of their notepads with the kits sent with my swap today.
And I was motivated to make some jewellery, haven't made any in ages.
So with some of the smaller amethyst chips made a pair of earrings and with some of the freshwater and saltwater pearls.

Amazing things from a forum swap

I got the most amazing box full or gorgeous presents today from a mystery jar swap. Thanks sooo much N!

Hand needlefelted babooshka set - with mine and the girls names on the back. These are just stunning and will be a prized family heirloom, They are solid merino. Just an amazing piece of work! I just can't get over how lovely and the work that have gone into these.
Notebook with needle felted cover. So thoughtful with a sheep, knitting and a spinning badge, in blues and purples.

Etsy Goodies!
mini drop spindle keyring, that can even be used!
WPI keyring - I have been looking for a wpi measure (currently use a paddlepop stick with an inch measured out on it, lol!) and this one is so cute and well made. With a little sheep clip as well.
And a pre-drafter, for preparing fleece.

Beads - 2 boxes of lovely beads. Including some gorgeous and different beads from Tunisia incl amethyst, baltic amber and ruby. All lovely and can't wait to make something from them.
Books - a lovely baking book and a novel (really like this author and not read this one) for bedtime reading

Roving - some raw alpaca - Can't wait to use this. I love different fibres and this looks lovely. Alpaca is just so soft and scrummy. And some merino ready for dyeing and spinning.

Pressies for my girls, notebooks, pens, scrapbooking stuff for the older two - already being used, and a really great water drawing thing for La (also already being used!)
I have never been so spoilt. Everything is so well thought out, my favourite colours are all used and everything is useful and lovely. I just can't believe how much work and thought has gone into this. Thank you so much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cotton Flowers

8ply DK cotton

The girl's dyeing with food colouring

Well decided to let the girls have a go at dyeing with food colouring.
A bit of a disaster as read the wrong lot of instructions that said to use the food colouring neat. Thought it looked a bit dark and like it needed diluting, but hey that was what the instructions said.
Well 3 days of washing and several vinegar baths and it stopped running but not quite what they had planned!!
Though like so many disasters I actually quite like them.
dd1's is a blue black with coloured highlights and dd2's is a deep dark rainbow.
Going to let them have another go tomorrow and will probably end up using these myself.

Mid Year Swap Pressies

Here are the lovely things I got from Kirstin in a mid year swap.
A stunning wire knit beaded bracelet and a great pattern book with knit and crochet versions of patterns.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blue Rainbow Top for Lara

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased with this.

I made this top with the blue rainbow handspun.
I think it's absolutely gorgeous.
I'm so proud of myself I dyed the tops, spun the yarn, made up the pattern and knitted it.

This weeks FO's, slippers, scarfs, handspun

Here are a few of this weeks.

A pair of slippers for me!! These are in ocean handspun and are soooooo soft and snuggly. (though lesson for me - write down the pattern in between slipper one and two as you may go back to them a week later and not be able to make the second one quite the same, lol).

Scarf for me - knit with the desert sunset handspun, with a crochet border using the desert sunset/sari silk handspun.

A couple more handspun.
100g Fushia Princess and 200g Purple Mist with firestar for extra sparkle.

And finally a crochet scarf for Lara.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Handspun - Blue Rainbow and Rose Petal

Two finished handspuns.

200g Blue Rainbow (rainbow plied with a semi solid blue) and 100g Rose Petal