Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing things from a forum swap

I got the most amazing box full or gorgeous presents today from a mystery jar swap. Thanks sooo much N!

Hand needlefelted babooshka set - with mine and the girls names on the back. These are just stunning and will be a prized family heirloom, They are solid merino. Just an amazing piece of work! I just can't get over how lovely and the work that have gone into these.
Notebook with needle felted cover. So thoughtful with a sheep, knitting and a spinning badge, in blues and purples.

Etsy Goodies!
mini drop spindle keyring, that can even be used!
WPI keyring - I have been looking for a wpi measure (currently use a paddlepop stick with an inch measured out on it, lol!) and this one is so cute and well made. With a little sheep clip as well.
And a pre-drafter, for preparing fleece.

Beads - 2 boxes of lovely beads. Including some gorgeous and different beads from Tunisia incl amethyst, baltic amber and ruby. All lovely and can't wait to make something from them.
Books - a lovely baking book and a novel (really like this author and not read this one) for bedtime reading

Roving - some raw alpaca - Can't wait to use this. I love different fibres and this looks lovely. Alpaca is just so soft and scrummy. And some merino ready for dyeing and spinning.

Pressies for my girls, notebooks, pens, scrapbooking stuff for the older two - already being used, and a really great water drawing thing for La (also already being used!)
I have never been so spoilt. Everything is so well thought out, my favourite colours are all used and everything is useful and lovely. I just can't believe how much work and thought has gone into this. Thank you so much.

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