Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Stocking

I've been doing a load of dyeing over the last month and finally going to get some of it up in the store.

There are lots of super soft scrummy yarns. Cotton, merino, organic merino, bamboo, soysilk, silk/bamboo, BWM Luxury.
This month it's all been about what yarns I found completely the softest most lovely yarns I can find.
The cool versatility of the cottons; the soft, cool sheen of the bamboos.

And there are a couple of my favourite natural dyed yarns.
My natural dyed yarns are dyed using all natural products; plant based eg logwood, food/spice based eg turmeric, insect based eg. cochineal, along with natural mordants eg alum where necessary.

So a quick preview and will hopefully list it all this week with a planned stocking for Friday or the weekend, watch this space.

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