Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just finished this top

8ply cotton newborn top.
This is so lovely and soft, I want one!

How to : Make a Chinese Knot Button Closure

How to:
Make a Chinese Knot Button Closure

A really simple and lovely closure for knitted garments uses a Chinese button knot.

Firstly you need to make a knitted i-cord (I will create an entry explaining how to do this so keep an eye out if you don’t know) with 3 stitches about 28-30 cm long. (or see below for other material ideas)

Chinese Button knot
1. Lay the cord in a circle counterclockwise
Image 1 - view html version if you can't see this
2. Lay a second counterclockwise circle on top of this one slightly to the right
Image 2
3. Take the end under the starting cord
4. Weave the end over, under, over under the circles.
Image 3
5. Slowly work the knot tight until the ends are even and you have a neat knot.
Image 4
To use this Chinese knot as a button closure you will need to make a loop for it to fit through.
Knit another 3 stitch i-cord around 25cm long.
Tie a slip knot, leaving a loop about 2.5 cm long and make sure the ends are even.
Image 5
Sew this in place onto the back of the garment.
Different results can be obtained by using cord, ribbon, several different yarns held together etc for the knot as well as contrasting yarn i-cord. There are also lots of other lovely decorative Chinese knots to create different effects.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Subscribe by Email

By popular request I've just added a link so you can subscribe to my blog via email.
If you want to be the first to see posts and keep up to date then you can enter your email address (the form is on the right) to subscribe.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Zanz hand dyed stocking - Wed 28th July

Sneak peak of Wednesday nights stocking.
There is woolganics organic merino, bfl, sock/4ply yarn, bamboo and merino.
Go live is 8pm Sydney (AEST) time at ArtEZan

Pattern of the Week - Cat in dark night, baby blanket

I think is ever so cute. A Cat in dark night, two colour pattern, great for a baby blanket, part of a larger blanket or quilt pattern or a large wash cloth?
Perfect for any cat lover.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zanz hand dyed stocking this week

Zanz hand dyed will be stocking this week at ArtEZan - a couple of sneak peaks at what will be available! There will be hand dyed merino, bamboo and sock yarn.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt!

ArtEZan are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as sponsors for the September Great Down Under Nappy Hunt.
This great internet scavenger hunt runs all through September, there are great prizes to be won and lots of fun searching for the icons as well as visiting a lot of interesting websites.
I'm planning lots of great stockings and ideas for the month so watch this space.
ArtEZan have donated two prizes.
This lovely bookmark - made with top quality black onyx and pink gemstone chips, a silver heart on a lovely large fancy bookmark.
and this stunning bamboo yarn in Meadow colourway which is a lovely blend of shades of green.
Now the school holidays are over I've started dyeing again and looking forward to stocking up ArtEZan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Stitch markers on ArtEZan

Just listed some new stitch markers on ArtEZan. Several sets on the great solid oval rings - these won't snag your knitting and with the oval design slide very easily between needles. Including silver and blue beads and stunning feature beads.
And this set with gorgeous blue and flower cube beads. Really lovely markers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How exciting - I just got a Thermomix

I'm very excited that I just received my Thermomix. I've been eyeing off these great kitchen tools for awhile and finally got one.
Can't wait to start creating lovely meals (dinner for tonight is already ready but will make sorbet or custard for dessert.
I will also be blogging my journey with the Thermomix and what I make at:

And here is my lovely new appliance all ready to go.

Hand dyed baby cotton muslin wraps

Just listed some more of the popular extra large cotton baby muslin wraps at ArtEZan