Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to : Make a Chinese Knot Button Closure

How to:
Make a Chinese Knot Button Closure

A really simple and lovely closure for knitted garments uses a Chinese button knot.

Firstly you need to make a knitted i-cord (I will create an entry explaining how to do this so keep an eye out if you don’t know) with 3 stitches about 28-30 cm long. (or see below for other material ideas)

Chinese Button knot
1. Lay the cord in a circle counterclockwise
Image 1 - view html version if you can't see this
2. Lay a second counterclockwise circle on top of this one slightly to the right
Image 2
3. Take the end under the starting cord
4. Weave the end over, under, over under the circles.
Image 3
5. Slowly work the knot tight until the ends are even and you have a neat knot.
Image 4
To use this Chinese knot as a button closure you will need to make a loop for it to fit through.
Knit another 3 stitch i-cord around 25cm long.
Tie a slip knot, leaving a loop about 2.5 cm long and make sure the ends are even.
Image 5
Sew this in place onto the back of the garment.
Different results can be obtained by using cord, ribbon, several different yarns held together etc for the knot as well as contrasting yarn i-cord. There are also lots of other lovely decorative Chinese knots to create different effects.

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