Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We all went to the hairdressers today for haircuts. Here are the girls after theirs. Probably not the best photo to show off the cuts as they were all braided/styled as well.

And to show how long Lara's was before the cut. She didn't have much off just the bottom ratty bits so it's still down to her waist (looks shorter in the photo above than it is). So we have survived the first haircut, lol, and she was great after worrying about how much would be taken off.


  1. Your girls look great! Last time my kids and I got a hair cut we all got the worst cuts ever. I even had to go to another hairdresser to get it fixed, but there wasn't much hair left by that stage, so not much could be done. Still getting over it...

  2. OH no!! What a horrid experience. My hairdressers are great, and they even have a playroom for the kids! And very local. Love them.