Friday, October 1, 2010

Shopolat Treasure Hunt

Well the September 2010 Cloth Nappy Hunt is now finished. I hope that everyone who participated enjoyed the hunts and found some great new websites.

For everyone who is suffering hunt deprivation starting today is the Shopolat Treasure Hunt.
Each day for 5 days there will be 6 stores with 3 clues each to be found.
Each hunt starts at 8pm and runs for 24 hours. If you are struggling there will be hints on the Shopolat Facebook page from 12 noon (on the day after the hunt starts).

This is a quick, easy fun hunt that shouldn't stretch the mind too much.

Head over to to find out more and register to hunt.

ArtEZan are up on the first day so hope you join in this hunt tonight. Clues go up on the Shopolat website and also sent out by email at 8pm.

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