Monday, October 3, 2011

A couple of FO's - Age of Brass and Steam and Pettine

A couple I've finished recently.
Today I finished this Age of Brass and Steam. This is knit in 10 ply cotton so I upped the needle size to 6mm. only managed 7 repeats in the last stockinette section (used about 125g I think, got away with 4g leftover, I judged well) but it's not noticeable. Just love this one, had this yarn (dyed by me, Zanz) and always knew it would be something for me, though dd1 is also a purple fan and so in love with it.

Finished this Pettine a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to block it. But thought I'd photograph it today as no idea when I will get around to the blocking (mostly too wet at the moment or if it is a fine day too busy).
Wasn't sure about this one all through the knitting, loved the yarn when I'd first tried it as a sock but wasn't sure how it went for a shawl but seeing it finished and even more trying it on it really works.

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